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Letter to Your Doctor in Advance of an Appointment

Dr. David Kutz
West Hometown Clinic
West Hometown MD

Dear Dr. Kutz

I was thinking about my appointment with you on Friday February 20th when I realized that there were a few important issues that I wanted to cover with you. I am writing this letter to send you a list of all of my questions and concerns so that I don't forget about them.

This last time it was not. Fortune Insurance allows a copayment of $15 for use of generic drugs to fill prescriptions. They charge a sliding scale of up to $45 for name brand drugs. I am guessing my husband did not notice the charge when he picked up the prescription for me. I do not like paying for pretty little pills and fancy TV advertising.

Sometimes, when I go for appointments I tend to forget a topic or we don't have the time to go over everything. I would appreciate it if you would go over this list and be willing to suggest recommendations at our meeting.
Thanks in advance.

Juilet Freed