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Letter to professor about work observation project

Professor Nathan Carter
Criminal Justice Department
Hometown University
Hometown MD

Dear Professor Carter

I want to thank you for suggesting I contact Chief Fowler of the local police department. I wrote to him about my term paper for your course and he was very helpful. He made sure that I understood there are potential risks involved, and then assigned me to shadow his longest working officer for an afternoon and evening tour. I am shadowing Sergeant Curham on February 18.

Because of legal and insurance liability issues, I will need to sign a waiver releasing the department of all liability. The Chief has also requested that you sign a similar waiver which states that you know of my involvement and that you also understand the liability. I have enclosed the form and a stamped addressed envelope for you to sign and mail to Chief Fowler.

Thank you for your time and I hope to present a very fine term paper.

John Ball